Harmonizing Body, Mind & Spirit!

Your outside physique is only a glimpse into your overall health.  Utilizing the Yoga Therapy Model of alignment yoga, guided meditation, and energy healing, clients gain stability, strength, and clarity to maximize their lives.

Group yoga classes are small to allow for modifications, questions, and friendships to develop. Slow progression into poses is encouraged during classes to allow for true muscle development and lasting flexibility. All levels are encouraged to attend, however, classes will be taught at a level that is accessible to majority of participants.  

  Clients who want to take their practice deeper may choose the Eat Well, Sleep Well, Think Well - Age Well retreats,1/2 day workshops, and 45-minute mini-workshop programs.  It is here that clients learn daily habits of cleansing, breathing, meditating, and exercising to heal and sustain their bodies.  At the end of the retreat, each client receives an individualized program based on their specific body type and goals. Each client is encouraged to take ownership of their health and implement safe practices that they believe will enable them to thrive. 

More than a yoga studio for exercise!