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  • How Food Effects Your Emotions

Eat Well, Think Well, Sleep Well - to Age Well Mini-Workshops are designed to educate your group on the unintentional consequences of living in an industrialized society and offer a holistic techniques to counteract the realities of our current world.  Each mini-workshop is 45 minutes long and will include evidence-based research that is available for all who have access to the internet documenting the treatment of everyday ailments and the long-term effects on the body and mind .  The mini-workshop will end with a holistic approach to reactivate and maintain your body's natural systems.

Mini-Workshops - Topics

  • What is Energy Healing

  • OTC Medications and their Long-term Effect on Your Body

  • OTC Medications and their Long-term Effect on Your Brain

The length and content of these workshops make them suitable for employee development programs, small group bible studies, as well as any event or trade show that has access to audio-visual equipment.

More than a yoga studio for exercise!

  • Discover the Power of Your Breath

  • Eating Foods Based on Your Body Type

  • How to Get a Better Night Sleep

Mini-Workshops ​(45 minutes)

  • Why You Should Exercise Your Digestive Tract

  • Does it Matter What Time I Eat and Sleep

  • What is Yoga

  •  Why You Should Adhere to Your Body Clock

  • What is Meditation