Semi-private -       $25/class

semi-private.       $25/class

Energy Healing

Restorative Yoga

alignment - mindful strength exercise

Every living organism, including bacteria & disease, has a specific frequency. The healing of bones, ligaments & muscles also occurs at specific frequencies. The Mind Shift Yoga Reiki Master access the healing energy and emit into the energy fields of the body to stimulate, eliminate or balance the entire human body - mind, body & soul

Private and Semi-Private Yoga

Meditation Types

Individual Class-  $30/class

Meditation Classes

drop in              $15/class

alignment - mindful strength exercise

ONline sign up    $15/class

Individual Class - $25/class

Start your day exercising the organs of your body!  It doesn't really matter what the exterior of your body looks like if your interior organs are sluggish and untoned.  This 20 minutes virtual class exercises your entire digestive and respiratory systems and then calms the mind to encourage focus and a positive attitude.  This class is done online.  Each person is required to download the EZtalks app and log into our morning meeting. You will need a camera and wifi capabilities. 

Group Fitness Classes - Sussex

Take your practice to the next level. Each class will be designed to achieve your personal goals. Your goal might be to achieve a certain asana pose, eliminate pain, or enjoy yoga in nature. You decide where and when. I will bring all the props. No yoga experience necessary and any physical limitations will be accommodated.

Reiki Therapy

private location- Call for Estimate

More than a yoga studio for exercise!

  • Mindfullness
  • Guided Visualization
  • Dancing
  • Mantra - (Christian Only)
  • Body Scan
  • Walking
  • Sound Healing
  • Breath Balancing
  • Trakata

private location-Call for estimate

Mind Shift Yoga offers a variety of weekly classes ranging from group fitness, to private and semi-private fitness and meditation classes.  Our goal is to help clients become an expert in determining what exercise, food and meditation type is best for their bodies on any given day.  We specialize in making yoga accessible to all ages, genders and ability levels physical and mental. Private classes are offered for clients to develop their unique practice based on their body's needs all from a Christian yoga perspective.  We offer energy healing and yoga therapy to aide in reactivating organs and releasing blocked or hidden trauma in the body. 

In-person group yoga exercise classes are offered at our Sussex location on Monday and Wednesday at 4:15 pm and on Saturday at 7:30 am.  On-line Digestive Breathing and Meditation classes are offered at 6:00 am and 9:30 am Monday - Saturday.  All other classes are either private or semi-private.  Suggested times are listed on our scheduling app - click on home page appointment availability link or click on link next to class description below.  Please call 414-803-4687 if you would like a different time.

individual Class  $30/class

Poses are held for a minimum of five minutes. Props will be utilized to protect joints and assist in accessibility of the pose.  Restorative poses are normally utilized to release facial tissue for chronic pain.

Virtual Class Online Class sign up $5/class

Morning Cleanse & Meditation

Each pose will be analyzed based on the risk benefit relationship and modifications offered based on individuals needs. 

Semi-private - $30/class