More than a yoga studio for exercise!

Fundamental Beliefs:​

1)   Yoga exercise is just the beginning of the healing journey.

2)   Every person/being is unique, has value, and a purpose.

3)   The body, if given the correct stimuli, will heal its self.
4)   80% of all disease has a root cause in the psyche.
5)   Practicing yoga will bring you closer to God.

​​Our Mission

​​​​​Goals of Every Event/Class

Mind Shift Yoga’s mission is to provide a safe and nurturing environment to empower clients to heal their body, mind, and spirit. ​

The primary goal of every Mind Shift Yoga & Wellness experience is that the client feels better about themselves and their life than before they entered the event.  This is achieved by:

  *   Clients feel welcomed.
*   Clients trust that the teacher will “do-no-harm.”
* Clients feel successful because poses are achievable and explained in a manner that is easily understood.
*   Clients understand how to practice yoga and meditation during off-mat activities.

*  Clients listen to their bodies first, teachers second.