- Karen Rose Holden

Mind Shift Yoga is restoring, rewarding AND life changing. Six months prior to starting the class, I broke my wrist, causing persistent carpal tunnel pain. Adverse to surgery, I hoped that the Mind Shift Yoga class could help me. It did, in a mere three months, thanks to my skilled instructor Daneen. By using a combination of massage therapies and exercises specialized for my needs, the pain, tingling, and soreness is gone. Bonus results; improved strength, posture and balance. Best of all, my mind, spirit and body has benefited. Yoga keeps me limber for my daily 4-mile walk. Needless to say, I plan to continue Mind (and body) Shift Yoga indefinitely.

- Kathryn McChesney

Daneen’s teaching style is calm but structured with easy to follow instructions. Her warm up prepares the students for flexibility & strength. Sequencing of asanas (poses) are broken down into simple steps allowing the student to learn a pose correctly. She gives corrections and tips when needed along with praise & encouragement. Sessions are individualized to a student’s skill level and advanced gently.  

- Melissa Fenninger

- Patti Muehl

Daneen is a special yoga instructor in that she tailors classes to meet her clients physical, emotional and spiritual needs. I love doing yoga in her home studio it is a special experience.  

I tend to try and push myself too hard in all aspects of life and Daneen made sure to guide me appropriately based on my concussion balance issues. Daneen’s kindness and guidance have really helped me move forward into gaining my strength and balance back.