Weekend Yoga Retreats

This weekend yoga retreat is for clients who want to take their practice deeper.  During the Eat Well, Sleep Well, Think Well - to Age Well retreats  clients learn daily habits of specific cleanses, breath, meditation and exercise to heal and sustain their bodies.  This retreat is a perfect blend between lecture, hands-on training and easy yoga.  

The Eat Well segment of the weekend yoga retreats will explore how specific foods affect us emotionally, the timing of our meals and easy recipes to cure common ailments eliminating the need for over the counter medicines.

 The Sleep Well segment of the weekend yoga retreats will focus on how specific meditation techniques that enhance the quality of our sleep.  We will learn how to perform energy healing on ourselves.  Completing the segment will be a restorative yoga practice to heal our bodies,

The Think Well segment of the weekend yoga retreats will focus on how to create our own meditation practice and breathing techniques that will enhance the quantity and quality of oxygen we send to our brains creating a cognitive reserve.

 Each client is encouraged to take ownership of their own health and implement safe practices that they believe will enable their body to thrive. 

Eat Well, Sleep Well, Think Well - "Age Well"

More than a yoga studio for exercise!

Lake Lawn Resort - Delavan, Wi 

2020 Retreats dates to be determined soon!