Yoga Exercise

Restorative yoga poses are held for a minimum of five minutes. Props will be utilized to protect joints and assist in accessibility of the pose.  Restorative poses are normally utilized to release facial tissue for chronic pain.

Private and Semi-Private Yoga

Group Fitness Classes - Sussex

individual Class  $30/class

At Mind Shift Yoga and Wellness we offer both alignment yoga exercise and restorative yoga exercise classes for both individuals and group fitness.  Alignment yoga uses props,  modified positions and sequencing of poses  to protect the joints and ligaments from injury.  In Restorative yoga the poses are held for more than five minutes to allow the facial tissue and deep muscles to release their tension.  Restorative yoga exercise classes are taught on a private or semi-private basis to enable close monitoring of the clients individual needs.  Mindful Strength exercises are included in each class to build stability in the joints and low back.

More than a yoga studio for exercise!

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Yoga exercise increases your flexibility, increases muscle strength and tone, improves respiration, energy and vitality, assists in maintaining a balanced metabolism, improves cardio and circulation health and serves to protect from injury.

More than a yoga studio for exercise!

individual Class  $30/class

semi-private.       $25/class

alignment Yoga & mindful strength exercise

drop in              $20/class

Semi-private -       $25/class

ONline sign up    $15/class

alignment yoga exercise & mindful strength exercise

Take your yoga exercise practice to the next level. Each class will be designed to achieve your personal goals. Your goal might be to achieve a certain asana pose, eliminate pain, or enjoy yoga in nature. You decide where and when. I will bring all the props. No yoga experience necessary and any physical limitations will be accommodated.

Restorative Yoga

Each class is designed to release tension, increase mobility and build stability into the body.  Modification to poses are given to allow all ability levels to participate